Online Course - Laser Training (English Version)

REF LTeng - 1001
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On this course we will focus on the training of Laser Guidance with dogs at a distance that exceed 50meters. For both indoor and outdoor guidance, with buildings, vehicles, people and different objects.

The training program designed by Carlos Bueren for Laser Guidance is the first of the 3 Remote Guidance Systems he has been mainly working on. On this program he will be making the first approximation to different technical aspects as:

- Variations on Reinforcement delivery in relation to different aspects trained on the exercises.

- The starting point to allow the cues acquire conditioned reinforcer functions.

- Discrimination training to keep the lasers discriminative stimulus function along the operational life of the dog.

- Exercises oriented to condition the Laser as Delta stimulus for unwanted responses.

During the course we will cover common training problems related to the training of the response to the laser, the discrimination with various elements, training without physical restrictions with a training program designed to facilitate it´s integration with the directionals program, as well as with detection training programs and a wide variety of disciplines.

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